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Let your avatar do the talking!

Instantly create your own funny cartoon stickers with MojiPop and add a pinch of humor to your chats.

Grow your business


Grow your business and engage your users with MojiPop’s AI avatar

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Instantly create avatars and access thousands of templates with MojiPop on Rapid API

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MojiPop AI Tool

AI Tool for Creating personalized Caricatures - Offline & Private

Hi I Am Filipe!

Connecting the World through Art and Technology

With millions of user generated artwork templates already available, our mission is to empower artists all around the world and bring you a new way to express yourself!

MojiPop Experience


…this app is among the best cam apps we have ever tried and we highly recommend it.


…a colossal app that lets you create comic like cartoon pictures of you, your friends and anything around you.


…thanks to MC I have been creating new hilarious pictures almost every day to share with my friends. Creativity is the limit!

Lena, user

…as an avid cosplay enthusiast, I have spent countless hours browsing through the library looking for manga-like pictures to try to see how I would look if I tried to reproduce them. Still cannot get enough!

Haley L., user